We are a Structural Engineering Design Consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand. We carry out design and construction supervision services all around New Zealand. Established in New Zealand in 2004, we have over sixty years of combined experience and offer a range of Structural Engineering services within the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors. As a client-driven business, we pride ourselves on providing a unique and hands-on approach to each project, in a manner suited to meet each client’s practical requirements. In doing so, we also make sure that the services Structural Engineers NZ (SENZ) provide comply with relevant New Zealand standards and best practices. 

At SENZ, we use a combination of skill and experience, on and off site, to supply quality Structural Engineering packages, in a timely manner and at competitive rates. SENZ believe in the importance of excellent customer service, strong communication and transparency throughout any project’s life cycle, and therefore thrive on establishing great relationships with our clientel. Our networking capabilities therefore allow us to advise clients appropriately, based on extended knowledge and expertise within the industry. We are not a 5-day, 9 to 5 company, we often work late into the evening and Saturdays & Sundays to meet our clients' requirements.

We specialise in dealing with Local Councils, particularly Auckland City Council with whom we have developed a strong relationship over a number of years. We can therefore help to process Building Consent Applications speedily and with a minimum of fuss. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the New Zealand Building Act and the Building Consent Application processes, and we are registered authors of PS1, PS2 & PS4 Producer Statements.


Structural Engineers NZ proudly offer clients a range of services within the (Structural Engineering) industry which include, but are not limited to:

Residential Design 

  • New Builds (Single storey to multistorey apartments)
  • Clay Block Structures (Ziegel and Porotherm Blocks)
  • Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Structures (Hebel and Ytong Blocks)
  • Private Developments
  • Housing NZ Corporation Developments
  • Renovations and Extensions to existing dwellings
  • Pre-fabricated or In-Situ Timber-framed Design

Commercial Design

  • Shopfront Structures
  • Warehouses
  • Other Commercial Buildings

Industrial Design

  • Oil and Gas, Onshore & Offshore
  • Mining (all types)
  • Powerstations, especially Hydro-Electric, Geothermal & Nuclear

Temporary Works Design 

Scaffolding Design and Certifications

Alumunium Structures

Council Documentations

  • Design Producer Statement (PS1)
  • Peer Review Producer Statement (PS2)
  • Construction Monitoring and Observation Producer Statement (PS4)
  • Structural Design Features Reports
  • Structural Calculations
  • 2D and 3D Structural Design Drawings in CAD and/or Revit Format.

Structural Engineers Reports

  • Structural Assessment Reports (ISA, DSA, Structural condition reports, etc.
  • Specialist Staircases
  • Specialist Structures (where design solutions may not be readily apparent)
  • Forensic Engineering

*Our Principal Engineer is trained as an Expert Witness to attend Court in disputes usually involving complex Structural Engineering issues

*We prepare all types of Structural Design Reports e.g. Inspection Reports for potential property purchasers

International Expertise

We have an array of international knowledge and often come up with innovative design solutions

More About Us...

  • Commercial and Industrial

    Most of our work in this area is currently centred on the improvement of existing buildings & structures to make them more earthquake-resistant
  • Residential

    Our services span the full project life cycle from preliminary designs at concept through to construction monitoring and observation
  • Temporary Structures

    We have carried out hundreds of different temporary structures designs of all types, and can provide a practical and a cost effective solution