Commercial and Industrial Design

Structural Engineering New Zealand have extensive experience in commercial and industrial designs within and outside of New Zealand. On the commercial side, most of our work in this area is currently centred on the improvement of existing buildings & structures to make them more earthquake-resistant. We have provided many ISA’s (Initial Seismic Assessments) & DSE’s (Detailed Seismic Evaluations) and are fully qualified and experienced in this type of work. We provide clear & concise seismic evaluations and where necessary, cost-effective strengthening procedures. This work often involves the use of sophisticated analysis techniques and we are experts in this field.

On the industrial side, our engineers have been involved in various types of industrial designs from small access platforms and walkways to full operational industrial plants, throughout all project life cycle from concept and front end engineering design (FEED) to cost estimates, detailed design, design delivery and construction. 

The following is a list of services SENZ can provide: 

  • Shopfront Structures
  • Steel Portal Frame Warehouses
  • Precast Reinforced Concrete Warehouses
  • Reinforced Masonry Block Warehoueses
  • Multiframe steel and Reinforced concrete commercial structures
  • Initial Seismic Design
  • Detailed Seismic Design
  • Seismic Strengthening Design
  • Access Platforms and Walkways
  • Steel, timber, Reinforced Concrete, reinforced masonry and aluminimum structures
  • Conceptual Industrial and Front End Engineering Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Oil and Gas, Onshore & Offshore Industrial Design
  • Mining Designs (all types)
  • Powerstations Design, especially Hydro-Electric, Geothermal & Nuclear
  • Industrial Process Towers
  • Pipe and Services Support Structures Design
  • Transformer Bund Design
  • Ancillary Support Structures Design

In the process, SENZ can provide all necessary Council Documentations required for Resource Consent, Building Consent or Code of Compliance Certificate applications such as: