Temporary Structures Design

Structural Engineering New Zealand can carry out all types of temporary structures design through adherance to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. SENZ engineers have carried out hundreds of different temporary structures designs of all types, and therefore can alway provide a practical and a cost effective solution for all kinds of problems on site. SENZ engineers always discuss the issues with the site contractors and understand the material and gear that is available or that can be sourced. I.e. SENZ can tailor site solutions to different clients, on different sites.

The following is a list of services SENZ can provide: 

  • Scaffolding design certificaltion.
  • Scaffolding shrink wrap certification.
  • Freestanding scaffolding design & certification.
  • Special scaffolding design & certification.
  • Needle frames design & certification.
  • Temporary platforms design & certifications.
  • Temporary crash deck design & certification.
  • Temporary bird cage design & certification.
  • Temporary precast concrete panel propping design & certification.
  • Temporary propping & shore loading design for concrete shell beams and concrete formwork.
  • Temporary propping design for suspended concrete slabs.

In the process, SENZ can provide all necessary Council Documentations required for the local Council or Work Safe such as:

  • Design certifications in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.
  • Design Producer Statement (PS1)
  • Peer Review Producer Statement (PS2)
  • Construction Monitoring and Observation Producer Statement (PS4)
  • Structural Design Features Reports
  • Structural Design Calculations
  • Download Temporary Structures Design Capability Statement